About Us

What is Divine Evanescent about?

At Divine Evanescent we believe the ability to be Divine is everyone's right. Customers are the heart of everything we do, we offer a wide variety of organic products including but not limited to Natural Essential Oils, Raw and Whipped Shea Moisturizers, Organic Shampoo, Conditioner Bars, and even Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit's.

  How Safe are Our Products?

We take many steps to ensure everything we produce is of the upmost quality and most importantly safe for not only you but the environment as well. Our products go through rigorous trials at every stage to uphold these ideals. Starting with our Cruelty Free guarantee, nature's little critters are a top priority for us here at Divine Evanescent. If the animals are safe, we feel safe! This is only possible through our team of phenomenal farmers who take extreme amounts of care to avoid endangering any local habitats.

Where do Our Products come from?

 Our well-established teams of farmers centered in Bush, Louisiana and beyond work extremely hard to provide us with the most pure and raw ingredients. Everything is hand grown and handpicked on each of our farms. Health is top priority here at Divine Evanescent and our Team of highly experienced professionals make sure local businesses receive nature's best! They ensure the environment is not damaged in any way, and actually contribute to the ecosystem with our assortment of plants, fruits, and flowers. We take every precautionary step possible to make sure our products, the environment and most importantly, you are in good health

What sets Divine Evanescent apart from other Beauty Brands?

At Divine Evanescent we take the time to find the healthiest ingredients, mix them with advanced blending techniques leading to a Divine assortment of high quality products. Our Essential Oils are a perfect example of this, infusing the natural fragrance and extract of the plant to make an extraordinary nectar. We take the time to go back to our roots, to natural beauty. 

Are our Products Tested?

Of Course! It's the small details we excel at here at Divine Evanescent and we have a rigorous Third Party testing team that through state of the art equipment; makes sure our products achieve the highest level of purity while retaining everything natural about them. Our team works around the clock to make sure every product is clean, safe, and all natural. Too many products on the market overlook this step in order to cut costs but at Divine Evanescent we take no shortcuts. Our lab team is filled with licensed professionals just as passionate as us when in comes to making natural and clean products.